Ariana Faria


BFA Student

Major: Textile & Fashion Design

Graduation Year: 2017


Ariana learned design through her education at Maine College of Art in Portland Maine. She is a dedicated designer practicing in the craft of fashion and textile design, and specializes in women’s wear with a focus on unique pattern drafting techniques. Her work is a combination of manipulation tactics, textile exploration and precise tailoring. Ariana works mostly with luxury textiles to create a concise line of fine garments

From conception to production there is a focus on the physical representation of women in society. Ariana wants to design clothing in a way that makes the wearer confident and uniquely individualistic. Carefully avoiding the common theme of objectification in fashion, she tries to create work that acts as an extension of the wearer's inner personality. Ariana began her design practice at Maine College of Art in the fall of 2013, and since then has refined her stylistic skills. To Ariana, the most important aspect of her work is in the quality of her craft, and the reaction she receives from her viewers.