Sydney Johnson


BFA Alumni

Major: Animation & Game Art

Graduation Year: 2008

Artist Statement:

I am a baker. The practice of my livelihood is guided almost entirely by the creative principals of art and design. In my work I deal with colour, texture and form. After eight years as a baker, the mixing and preparation of cakes and pastries comes as second nature. However, the creative presentation of a work that a client desires, is where the artist in me begins. The visual representation or drawing comes first and then the creation of a wedding or specialty cake takes shape in my hands.

The photographs you see are the images of process as well as completed works. They are my way of sharing, in a more permanent way, what I create. The photographs show the process – the ingredients, the mixing, the creating and then the work of art.

My formal education as an artist culminated with the completion of my studies at MECA. Not only does my training in design manifest itself in the creation of my product but my studies in New Media Degree at MECA are an essential support to my pursuit.