Savanna Pettengill


BFA Alumni

Major: Photography

Graduation Year: 2014

Artist Statement:

"[Savanna Pettengill's] photography is like captive sparks of celebration. There is an energy about her work that feels like a mystery, one that we are all somehow connected to. You can feel there is a secret you're running with her to find, or to hide it. Light in corners, shadows on the beach, out of doors in all seasons. She manages to capture the essence of life and liveliness with excitement, sadness and the constant ebb and flow of their simultaneous beauty." - Kristen Kellas Belk, former owner of the Oak and the Ax music and arts venue, formerly in Biddeford, Maine


Savanna Pettengill is a photographic artist born and raised in the Greater Portland, Maine area. The influence of her birthplace is seen in varying capacities throughout her photographs. Today she lives in the seacoast area of New Hampshire creating, and teaching different photographic processes to people of all ages, but primarliy young children. All of her work serves as a collection of her spontaneous and subconscious reactions to her surroundings, woven together into visual narratives about the beauty and traumas of life, here on Earth.