Euphoria, Rapture, & Thirst

Rapture, 3x5x6.5, 2018

Thirst, 8x2x7, latex, steel, soil, resin, 2018

Thirst, 8x2x7, latex, steel, soil, resin, 2018

Posted on: December 21, 2018
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Figurative sculptures that present a reductive abstraction of the body and emphasizes an uncanny relationship between flesh and the elemental constructs that constitute our reality.

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Christina G. Shuffield

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MFA Student

Major: Sculpture

Graduation Year: 2019

Artist Statement:

My sculptures present Surreal transspecies hybrids that provoke a revolving response between the mind and the body. They arouse an eerie sense of touch that is driven by contrasting textures and characteristics of the flesh. In my work, the body is a construct that represents human and creature as a kinship. A-historical and non-binary, these bodies communicate ‘flesh is flesh and life is life.’ No identity, in particular, is privileged in them. I convey the paradox between vigor and vulnerability by juxtaposing a gestural suppleness of the body with concave reductions that expose plasma and tissue. Harmony and discord, stability and instability in my forms present conditions of vitality that are unbiased and often unforgiving. Rather than speak to the competition between living systems, I communicate visceral qualities of the physical form that relate to primal experiences. By doing so, I pose challenges to the systems of human language and emphasize what we understand through instinct or intuition. By creating an encounter with uncanny life forms, my viewer experiences a silent exchange. For me, the silence represents the space in between that connects us to everything. Remote and yet together, we are reminded of our position as one who walks among many in a world that encompass all creatures and all things.