The Folds of Memory

Scrapbook intro page, 2020, pen on paper, glue printed images, string

Clearwater, 2020, found images, photos i took, glue and pen, string

childhood friends, 2020, family photos, photos i took, glue, pen, string

skiing, 2020, family photos, some found objects, glue, pen, string

India, 2020, photos i took, mixed media of found objects, pen, glue, string

The Folds of Memory, Installation, 2020

The Folds of Memory, Installation, 2020

The Folds of Memory, Installation, 2020

The Folds of Memory, Installation, 2020

Posted on: May 13, 2020
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My thesis work was going in the direction of creating work based on my memories and life experiences. I was working on creating a living room installation full of ceramic dishware and any other things that could be made from ceramics which might be found in a hutch, both hand built and thrown, plus a coffee table that I made, found furniture and other objects. My goal was to create a space that when entered would give the feeling that you had entered someone's loved and lived in home. I ended up installing my work in the woods behind my house were my childhood tree-house once stood. All the objects are based off of objects that are similar to objects that bring back specific memories to me; they are not the objects nor exact replicas because I wanted to experience the installation in the same way that the viewers would have.

My thesis has taken a sharp turn away from the physical aspects of this idea, but I am still working from the same concept. Instead of the primary focus being on ceramics, I have constructed a scrapbook, folding and binding the pages together myself. I have been making a visual representation of what goes on in the folds of my brain. I have taken all the photos that I had compiled for the picture frames and sectioned them into their own corresponding pages or overloaded onto a single page to accomplish this. I?m trying to represent the order and chaos of remembering certain moments in time, along with adding text and other elements such as pressed plants and liftable flaps.

Kaitlana Viglielmo

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BFA Student

Major: Ceramics

Graduation Year: 2020