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Posted on: May 27, 2020
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My senior thesis is a card game that I've built from its rules to each and every card design you've seen here. To give as basic of an overview as I can, each player is in charge of their very own company. Their objective is to take out their competition by battling other players with giant monsters.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Kaiju Cards were the most challenging as well as the most time-consuming cards to design. However, they are the ones I am the proudest of. These cards are the heart and soul of my game, and when sitting down to play it, they are used to battle other players.

The Kaiju Kola Cards have a different bit of history behind their creation. In fact, these cards were the ones I had the most fun designing. Their involvement is where Kaiju Kapitlists' color relationship mechanics really start to shine, as matching colors with your Kaiju gives them extra strength in battle.

The Kaiju Cash Cards proved to be another challenging design and one that would be frequently redesigned throughout the entirety of my time working on this project. The colors on these cards represent which company (player) it belongs to. When a player runs out of their Kaiju Kash, their company falls and they are out of the game.

While there are many more investment cards for use in the game itself, only the three main types are displayed here. Having many different effects on each battle, Investment Cards are an important asset to have in your arsenal. They can be purchased using Kaiju Kash during certain phases of the game.

The Card Backs, to a certain degree, speak for themselves. I wanted to design something that tied each card type together while also giving them their own personal flare.

Joshua Lightbourne

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Major: Animation & Game Art

Graduation Year: 2020