Who is able to sign-up?
MECA&D Portfolio is open to faculty, MFA and MAT students and alumni, BFA alumni as well as BFA students in a major.

I'm having trouble logging in or accessing my account.
If you recently signed up, please make sure to click on the confirmation email message link to verify your email address. 

MECA&D Email Accounts: Do you need to regain access or create an account?
If you have problems logging in, please contact our Technology Department at helpdesk@meca.edu. You do not need a meca.edu email to send a help request.

Does it cost anything to sign-up or upload a project?
No, all accounts are free and you are able to upload as many projects as you want. MECA&D designed this platform to connect artists with professional opportunities.

What are the benefits of uploading my work?
MECA&D Portfolio is an online portfolio platform that promotes the work of students, graduates and educators. It allows us to offer a database to potential clients looking for artists, interns and freelancers.

What will MECA&D do with my projects?
Selected portfolios will be published on the homepage and relevant areas of meca.edu.

How do I upload a project and publish it?
First, login to your account and click the green "(+) Add Project" button at the top of the page. Enter your project information, select the project categories, select one or multiple images to upload and click the green "Publish" button. That's it, you're done.

I'm having trouble uploading a project.
Take a look at this video tutorial on how to upload a project. If you are still having trouble, email artistsatwork@MECA.edu.

What format of images do you accept?
You can only upload .jpg .png and .giff files.

What is the maximum image size to upload?
3MB per image.

Why is my image pixelated?
You may have uploaded an image that is too small. Our system is designed to fit images 100% within the project image window. If your project image is smaller than 750px wide, it will get streched to fit within the set image window.

Who can I contact with feedback or questions?
Contact our Artists at Work team at artistsatwork@MECA.edu or 207-699-5016.

What should I write in my artist biography section?
Write a few short sentences of who you are as an artist, what kind of work you create, and what you want from your career. If you need help creating this, please contact artistsatwork@MECA.edu and we will set up an appointment to meet with you.

For professionals:

I like this artist's work! How do I contact them?
To contact an artist, visit the artist's profile page and click on the "Connect" button below the profile image. On the pop-up contact form, select one of the menu options and enter your contact information and message.