Tabitha Barnard


BFA Alumni

Major: Photography

Graduation Year: 2016

Artist Statement:

These photographs navigate a theater of teenage girls isolated in a conservative religious culture, and habits and rituals associated with their sexual repressions. In this community traditions of hunting; with their skin, blood, and sense of community. Create designated and separate roles between sexes.


Tabitha Barnard was born in Freedom, New Hampshire in 1994. She is a photographer who grew up in rural Maine with three sisters. Growing up in a Christian, female dominated family has had a huge influence on her work. Tabitha works primarily in digital color photography exploring themes of femininity and religion. She will receive her Bachelor of Fine Art from Maine College of Art in the Spring of 2016. Barnard has exhibited work in both the Merit and BFA shows at Maine College of Art and received third place for her work in the 2015 BFA show. She has worked in both commercial studio settings and as a shooting assistant. In the coming year Tabitha will continue to make work in the hopes of applying to graduate programs.