Melinda Aste


BFA Student

Major: Woodworking & Furniture Design

Graduation Year: 2017

Artist Statement:

My approach to design is to enhance a visual landscape within spaces, allowing the objects to seamlessly blend into the lifestyle of their new environment. Gravitating toward geometric forms to create clean lines allows space to be utilized efficiently - with a multifunctional and minimal approach to ease use and handling. Integrating materials such as hardwood, plywood, industrial felt and plastic laminate creates a striking yet simple effect. The integration of color and texture enhances function and user interaction, establishing a clean and healthy space to live, work and flourish. Allowing a hybridity to occur between the natural and industrial facilitates a unique and intimate collaboration between the materials and my design.

Designing objects for the home focuses on creating a balance between aesthetics and functionality. My approach when designing is to make beautiful objects for everyday use. Utilizing Scandinavian design as a touchstone, this collection embodies simplicity, functionality, aesthetics and the values of quality craftsmanship.