Autumn Cates


BFA Student

Major: Woodworking & Furniture Design

Graduation Year: 2018

Artist Statement:

Drawing from connections of memory and the past, I am making moments of time become a tangible object. I am designing various ways to reflect the natural light that surrounds the viewer. Creating a space where one or more can sit and interact with each other has become a form of importance to my work.


Autumn Cates, is a furniture designer born and raised in Maine, and has completed the process of earning her Bachelors in Fine Arts in Woodworking and Furniture Design at Maine College of Art.

Cates researches for new designs and ways to incorporate writing and other materials into her furniture. She is always finding new topics to think about and bring into the light of conversation. From building the general style furniture to more abstract pieces, her techniques are continuously growing and developing. Developing her skills in using hands tools and joinery, Cates has learned a new form of patients and craft with woodworking. Her practice is growing with the ideas of visual storytelling of personal life experiences in hopes the viewer can relate. Designing and crafting new bodies of work, Cates is bringing a new life to the idea of classic rustic furniture. Cates continues to expand her interests in woodworking and in finding ways to involve her audience.