Becky Tochterman (BLT)


BFA Student

Major: Graphic Design

Graduation Year: 2017

Artist Statement:

Becky Lynn Tochterman is a graphic designer born and trained in Maine. With an interest in packaging and technology, she works to integrate a sense of touch into her choice of materials. Her focus is studying how two dimensional design can come to fruition in three dimensional space. Her love of working with her hands has pushed her to work with form and how text and image translate both on and off screen. This ongoing study into the world of physical and digital design is what continues to draw Becky into the field of graphic design.


Graphic Designer, Student, Food Enthusiast.

Becky is a student at Maine College of Art. By day, she studies graphic design. By night, she's in the studio working and jamming to her playlist on Spotify. Having grown up in Rockland, Maine; natural, nautical, and domestic themes often find their way into her work.

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