Emily Gladchuk


BFA Student

Major: Sculpture

Graduation Year: 2017

Artist Statement:

I am captivated and inspired by the unknown mysteries of human consciousness. I find myself overthinking social and self-perceptions, and sometimes tend to focus on seemingly trivial matters. The brain and mind are often overlooked or taken for granted, though they are extremely powerful and unique systems. This work serves as a recognition and personal inquiry of the relationship between the two. How does the mind exist within the human brain?

The work fosters insight toward my own awareness of the human experience through curiosity and uncertainty. Aspects of the mind such as thought, emotion and self awareness are signified by materiality. Simultaneously, these materials can be interpreted as a reference to the inner workings of a brain. My work is meant to intrigue and encourage contemplation and introspection.


Emily Gladchuk is an artist currently living in Portland, Maine. Gladchuk experiments with variety of different media, as she is interested in many forms of creative expression and exploration. Her work often echoes a fascination with interactions and transformations of light, color, and space, while exploring thematic concepts of abstract psychology and neuroscience.