Gavin Rouille


BFA Alumni

Major: Printmaking

Graduation Year: 2009

Artist Statement:

Equality and social justice are the broad focus around my creative process and research. I address these issues by focusing on personal experiences with the intent to educate viewers. The desire to engage in this work roots from my identity as a queer and transgender individual.


Gavin Rouille, a transgender artist and activist, was born in Burlington, Vermont in 1987. He received his BFA from Maine College of Art in 2009, and his MFA from Indiana University in 2014. Rouille has exhibited works in the US and abroad including Mongolia, Ireland, and Germany. He was selected to show work in the Portland Museum of Art’s Biennial of 2011, and also has several works in the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction’s permanent collection. Rouille currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, working as a costume technician for Sesame Street Live! and Paw Patrol Live!