Meghan Meyerhoff


BFA Alumni

Major: Painting

Graduation Year: 2015

Artist Statement:

My works are explorations of material, surface, and gravity. Control is an aspect that I value in my practice━ mainly, when or when not to exert it. By using gravity as more than a tool, but as a material in itself, I allow myself to relinquish my obsessive desire to control all aspects of the work. Embracing and challenging gravity allows me to find a sense of discovery and wonderment in the gray area of the “happy accident.” I combine these marks of gravity with playful colors, linear patterns, and translucent surfaces that give the paint the ability to interact explicitly with light. This interaction of color and light creates an embodiment of the positive direction I find myself heading, while the forms created by the conversation between control and accident signify my acceptance of what I can or cannot control in my life.


Meghan Meyerhoff is an artist who earned her BFA in Painting in 2015 from the Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine. She makes abstract paintings that are explorations of material, surface, and gravity. While her abstractions have taken many forms, her current works are pour paintings on vinyl or plastic. She is originally from Preston, Connecticut, and now lives in Windham, Connecticut.