Ian Goldsborough


BFA Alumni

Major: Painting

Graduation Year: 2014

Artist Statement:

In our modern world, we are constantly being seduced by distractions and entertainment. without diversion. These moments live within us, sometimes felt and sometimes seen. My work revolves around these spaces, using color, pattern and depth to explore how the eye focuses both outward and inward.
My paintings show the interplay between vast depths and solid color. Small repetitions slow down the eye, allowing the viewer to become immersed in the field. The shifting colors turn into simple language, building depth.
These objects act as a mirror for the thoughts and feelings that swim below the surface of the viewer’s mind. I investigate how a piece can change the viewer from spectator to participant, drawing out these moments that can be compared to an almost hypnotic state. We are able to reflect on our own life patterns more clearly, see how our stories affect us and recognize what we may want to change.
My use of color leads the eye into the patterns and rhythms, creating a doorway into the painting. I am curious about the relationship between the eye being entertained with color relationships, and the willingness of the mind to get lost in the pattern. This visual ebb and flow creates a contemplative space where the viewer can be with their own thoughts.


Ian Goldsborough is a painter who grew up on Cape Cod, He is currently living in New Haven, where he is attending graduate school in the Yale School of Painting and Printmaking.