Nina Petrochko


BFA Alumni

Major: Sculpture

Graduation Year: 2008

Artist Statement:

To me, art is a healing force inspired by patterns in nature. As a human civilization, we have created huge erasures in many of the planet's species. I feel it is my duty, as a citizen scientist, and artist, to record (through images) phenological changes in plants that are rare or almost extinct. My connection with herbalism, farming, and nutrition, ultimately led me to become fascinated with epigenetics. My work documents medicinal plants that have a positive influences on lifestyle, longevity, and the human genome.


Born in New Haven, CT, Nina Petrochko is the daughter of two artists, and the great grand daughter of the paleobotanist and illustrator, Arthur Hollick. In 11', Nina worked as a farm manager of New Haven Farms, a prescription based CSA program. The daily consumption of the farm's vegetables helped reverse diabetes in patients at a local clinic. In 14', Nina planted native wildflowers gardens for the New York Phenology Project, where she noted the increased traffic of honey bees to certain flowers. In 2016, she came to study herbalism in Rockport, Maine, where she learned how specific plants can support each of the body's systems. The culmination of these efforts contributed greatly to the creation of her visual work.