Chelsea Dewan


BFA Student

Major: Graphic Design

Graduation Year: 2018

Artist Statement:

As a graphic designer, I create work not only for print but for the computer as well. I enjoy being able to explore different ideas through my process of design, starting with sketching and ending with the final piece. Also, being able to see how something looks printed compared to on the computer has an impact on the result. My art is a way I can express myself without many words because I’m not that big of a talker. I want people to be able to experience my work and enjoy viewing it.

My thesis project (which is branding for my own cookie company), I want people to feel happy and excited when they see my finished product. I like to make people smile and enjoy what I have created. Having people connect to me through my work has been a unique experience because I’ve never thought I could relate to so many different people before.


Chelsea Dewan is a Connecticut artist who was inspired to create at an early age. She is currently studying Graphic Design at Maine College of Art and will graduate in spring 2018. She is quick-witted, creative and ambitious. Her passion is to create bold and dynamic design working with digital and handcrafted techniques. She enjoys playing with her cat and dancing to techno music.