Michael J Goodwin


BFA Alumni

Major: Animation & Game Art

Graduation Year: 2018

Artist Statement:

The act of narrative storytelling has been present in society since before recorded history. The remains of cave paintings tell the story of great hunters and warriors voyaging across the plains began the stories of history that we still tell today. Comics are the descendant of that practice.

My thesis draws from memories of my childhood and my upbringing. Living in a primarily Catholic environment for most of my life, my worldviews and my knowledge of things were shaped by my family’s faith and my schooling. In my thesis, the environments I depict do not mirror those that I’ve experienced but rather reflect the memories and dreams I possess of them. This aspect of my storytelling and my subjective experience acts as what I feel to be the most important part of my thesis and my body of work as a whole.

Through the genre of science-fiction and the comic medium, I am most successfully able to channel my narrative into my work. By writing and drawing comics and including my memories and personal narratives, I am able to express my ideas and my stories on the platform that I am most interested in.


Michael J Goodwin is a Cartoonist & Illustrator whose body of work focuses on the fantastic, futuristic, and otherworldly. Hailing from the far off realm of New Hampshire, his New England roots have resulted in a strong interest for snow and very warm drinks. Michael is a graduate of the Maine College of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Digital Media with Honors. He’s currently reclaimed the kingdom of New Hampshire as his home but looks forward to new lands to conquer.