Hey! Celly


MFA Student

Major: Textile & Fashion Design

Graduation Year: 2021

Artist Statement:

Within everything in this universe lies a sparkly little block of energy. Energy conceived from the unique sets of experiences, thoughts, and love that all of us carry. Hey! Celly captures this energy through CellyBlocks. CellyBlocks are perceptual accessories. The idealized essence of the things we perceive, objectified as decorations. They merge with our souls and let us show the world that we are the way that we are.

CellyBlocks make us different. They unveil truth’s relativity and the fluidity of reality. CellyBlocks remind us that nothing can be absolute. That individuals are radically unrepeatable.

Labels and appearances don’t define your individuality; your favorite flavor of ice cream does.

You’re the things you see.
You’re the things you think.
You’re the things you love.

Like no one else…

You’re you.


Celly, the namesake of Hey! Celly, is the brand’s mascot, CellyBlock designer, influencer personality, and sole model. Celly has no sex or gender, nor are they human. They’re an avatar. An avatar inside everyone and everything. Celly represents the self, not through the physical body, but through perception. Just like a human, Celly forms their identity through experiences. They love to mimic the world around them. Celly’s magical skin even changes color depending on what they see and how they feel! Celly’s dream is for everyone to embrace their uniqueness, to find the Celly that lives inside them, because they believe, “only you can ever be you.”