Joe Lendway


BFA Alumni

Major: Woodworking & Furniture Design

Graduation Year: 2015

Artist Statement:

I create well-crafted, functional forms out of wood, seeking common ground between traditional techniques and computer-aided technologies. Through thoughtful interplay of hand, machine, and material, I instill enduring presence in my woodwork.

My latest furniture features sliding tambour doors. Since the late 18th century, tambour doors have been used in cabinetry where standard swinging doors would be restricted by space. I am interested in exploring more nontraditional uses of them.

I use the CNC Router to rough-cut the tambour slats and some of the solid wood parts and joinery found in my work. I do not use the CNC to save time, nor do I consider any part to come off the CNC as finished. I use the right tool for the job, and, like every tool, the CNC must be approached with great respect and consideration. The overall presence of a finished piece depends on it.

Through my work I artistically express my great respect for the trees and environment. I seek out locally sourced lumber whenever possible and I always attempt to highlight the natural beauty found within.

With my furniture I hope to inspire creativity and provoke a desire for elevated, beautiful, and virtuous quotidian objects.


Joe grew up in southern Vermont. He excelled in art and math and had full intentions to pursue a career in architecture. However, he decided not to go straight to college after high school. Instead he moved to Lake Tahoe, California. There he worked as a carpenter. He met his future wife and, together in 2009, they moved to Ithaca, New York. Joe received his Associate???s degree from Tompkins Cortland Community College. Joe realized his passion for designing and building furniture. In 2011, he enrolled at the Maine College of Art. MECA has provided Joe with a place to explore the relationship between his material, his furniture designs, and himself.