Leanna Sullivan


BFA Student

Major: Animation & Game Art

Graduation Year: 2020


Growing up, Leanna Sullivan has always been drawn to stories. The world in which we live is rich in history, lore, and tropes of the people that inhabit it and Sullivan has made it her wish to explore different ways to tell the incredible stories she creates.
As a graduate of Maine College of Art for her BFA in Animation and Game Art, she focuses on storytelling and how to subconsciously affect mood and tone while interacting with pieces she creates through color and character expressions. Most recent works she has been focusing on is the first chapter in a visual novel titled Star-Crossed Criminals. It follows a boy named Snake who has lost touch with the world he currently inhabits- but his views shift on a dime when he finally is able to feel again thanks to an unexpected interest. Within this project, she has created 8 different music sequences while working towards her music minor. She uses music to push tone in the scenes of the game.

She hopes to continue working with color and design elements of storytelling within the visual entertainment industry to eventually progress to working on larger projects and within larger companies to keep expanding her understanding.

Instagram: @anubisrampage