Samantha Tabibian


BFA Student

Major: Animation & Game Art

Graduation Year: 2021

Artist Statement:

As an artist my goal is not only to improve my skills as a 2D animator and 3D modeler, but to use those skills to provide a safe space. I want to use my art to make others smile and feel even a momentary sense of relief from stresses they're feeling, the way art has always done for me.


Sam Tabibian is an aspiring 2D animator and 3D modeler that lives off of Dr. Pepper and the color blue. She’s graduating from MECA with a degree in Animation and Game Art spring of 2021. Samantha shows dedication to whatever project or thing she does, making sure to add the little details to make it feel special and unique, often with a slightly dark sense of humor. Her main goal as an artist is to make others laugh and be able to take a breather when things are tough