Liv Anderson


BFA Alumni

Major: Printmaking

Graduation Year: 2021

Artist Statement:

The passage of time exists beyond the control of any living being. Organic matter will always decay, rot, and return to the earth. We as human beings may do everything in our power to create immortality, but life will always exist under the scrutiny of time.
In 100 years will you still exist, even as a memory? A name carved into stone prolongs how long you are proven to exist. But is this proof enough? Do you cease to exist when everyone who ever knew you is gone? Or is it when the stone bearing your name wears away with the rain? Can memory make you immortal?
As grains of rock wash away with the rain and passage of time, the engravings become harder to decipher until there is only a trace that words were once present. My work grows, decays, and changes as time passes.


Liv Anderson is a Portland, Maine based printmaker. She is currently studying for a BFA
from Maine College of Art with an anticipated graduation in 2021. Her studio practice is
centered around investigating the impermanence of memory through the lens of the
Western funeral industry. In viewing the human body as “non-archival,” her work seeks
to be shaped by the passage of time.