Posted on: September 22, 2017
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Jana Keith-Jennings

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BFA Alumni

Major: Sculpture

Graduation Year: 2003

Artist Statement:

My work represents an ongoing reflection on the potential to elicit meaning through the use of found concepts, the visual language of implied activity, and the imagined experience of objects in relation to the viewer. Through the formal application of everyday materials such as paper, tape, cloth, wood, and my own body, and the aesthetics of the imperfect, liable nature of handmade work, I speak a language in a cadence of the familiar, in the hope that it may become a conversation more immediately intimate for the viewer. I approach art making from an intensely driven impulse to explore the liminal space between experience and interpretation, exposing the ways in which aesthetic language may be used to influence, create, and subvert the imagery with which we construct the meaning of the world around us.