Posted on: September 27, 2017
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Drawn to the way darkness obscures the landscape (merely hinting at what might be beyond the lens), I began working on a ten-year project to photograph nocturnal landscapes throughout the world.

Alexandra Silverthorne

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MFA Alumni

Major: Photography

Graduation Year: 2010

Artist Statement:

James Baldwin once wrote “The world changes according to the way people see it, and if you alter, even by a millimeter, the way people look at reality, then you can change it.” It is this idea of how slight changes in perception might alter the way we see and thus, interact with the world that drives my work.

I use the camera as a means to understand and explore spatial environments and encounters while often times focusing on the mundane or overlooked elements. At the core of my studio practice, I ask questions about space and place. What is space? How do we understand it? How do we become familiar with it? Why does place matter? How do we move through and use it? How we can do this in better and more thoughtful ways?

Working with both analogue and digital processes, I allow the conceptual ideas, themselves, to drive the form and medium for each project. As projects evolve, my photographs often move beyond the more-traditional mat and frame to become sculptural objects, projections, installations, and photobooks.