Oblong bowl #1

Posted on: September 28, 2017
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hand built earthenware with glaze and terra sigillata

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Julie Cunningham

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Artist Statement:

Clay is the medium that, to me, best expresses elements of nature and my ideas about the environment. Through it, I am able to create three dimensional pieces which have a dialogue with organic forms. By using earthenware clay, terra sigillata, and layered glazes, I seek to recreate the depth of color and texture present in the environment. The organic elements in my work are not only connected to each other, but are also connected to my daily life – time spent outdoors observing the changing hues, textures, and arrangements of nature. I also consider how shapes in nature are similar to the contours of our body, and have tried to make references to these in my work. It is important to me that while viewers are engaged with my pieces, they discover elements of the natural world around them.