muscle product, 2016

muscle character, 2016

chuck product, 2016

chuck skin, 2016


BAXTER harvest, 2016

batman product, 2017

pink batman, 2017

Posted on: September 30, 2017
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The husks
The labor
The body
The skin
The labor is the skin
The body is the labor
The husks are the body
The skin is the husks

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Baxter Koziol

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BFA Alumni

Major: Painting

Graduation Year: 2017

Artist Statement:

The way material is or isn't used creates margins of value, usefulness, awareness, and habit. I'm launching an investigation into these margins and intervening with ritualized labor and body intervention. I want to create new habitual behavior through repetitive corporeal action. There is no goal other than to continuously alter what came before. I want to critique the idea of finality.