Floor Lamp and Mini Grove

Posted on: January 18, 2016
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Floor lamp and Mini Grove matching pair. Made from my own amber tinted paper with Maine Jerusalem Artichoke petals as texture. Iron wood, oak and maple where used for the bases. Floor lamp stands about 66" tall and is 26" wide and the Mini Grove is about 32" tall by 24" wide.

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Lisa Ferreira Jones

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BFA Alumni

Major: Metalsmithing & Jewelry

Graduation Year: 2002

Artist Statement:

Growing up in Maine, with its abundant natural resources and beauty, has had a significant influence on my creativity. By making my own papers, I can convey a sensitivity and detail of nature that cannot be obtained by other methods. I hand harvest natural elements such as flowers and seeds to add texture, color, and design to my papers. I observe the aspects of the natural line formation in Maine’s coastline and plant life and bring my studies to the studio, where I create my voice of nature. Translating my inspirations into botanically inspired copper wire forms, I solder these structures together to use with my own handmade papers and often include wood as an accent. I then apply my handmade papers to each sculpture and then electrify it to create a cocoon of light, an ember glow. My creations take the outdoors in, enabling the enjoyment and interaction with nature on a daily basis. Every piece is one-of-a-kind; no batch of paper is ever alike, just as no form is ever the same. Custom work is always welcome.