A Sense of Place

Posted on: October 1, 2017
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We all set up our spaces in exactly the way we want them. We may embellish, paint, organize and arrangeā??or not. We may surround ourselves with books, or with empty space. We may like everything in its place, or enjoy the chaos of mess. When I was little I built many forts, inside and out. I had a playhouse that my dad built when I was about eight. I hung blankets from the staircase in our barn and would have all of my projects and special things arranged just so. We played outside for hours. Gone for the day into the woods, down to the marsh, across the street to the playground, hours and hours spent on our front porch. I wanted to create and indoor/outdoor space here. My ultimate studio/workspace fort others can pass through or look at from under my tree. See the mailbox? Send mail!

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BFA Alumni

Major: Sculpture

Graduation Year: 1994

Artist Statement:

My work for the past five years has centered on essential ideas of building community, storytelling, and home. I use printmaking, people's stories, and the book form in non-traditional ways to create books, sculpture and installations.
I am focused on the stories that are directly around me, as well as themes of small town and family. Wendell Berry said, ā€œBecause Iā€™ve never separated myself from my home neighborhood, I cannot identify myself to myself apart from it.ā€ This work speaks about my struggle and delight with my own home neighborhood, and my identifications with other small towns and home neighborhoods.