Left Hand

Posted on: October 5, 2017
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Please follow this link to my sound piece: https://soundcloud.com/thepma/912-lauren-tosswill-jenny

Left Hand, 2017 is a sound piece featured as part of the Portland Museum of Art's audio tour. The composition was created as a response to the PMA's Holzer piece "Left Hand" which features the left hand print of an Iraqi prisoner who died in Abu Ghraib

My sound piece was made directly from the raw data of digital image files of Jenny Holzer's piece Left Hand. By this I mean that I took image files of Holzer's piece and forced computer software to interpret the image data as sound. My composition is made entirely of raw image data converted into noise.

My sound composition is an impression of Holzer's piece, derived directly from her work, in a similar way that Emad Kazem Taleb's left handprint, taken by the US military, is an impression derived directly from his body. The result in both cases is something inhuman, jarring, and cold.

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