Save the Bees

Screenprinted Underglaze on Earthenware Tiles mounted on a wooden base with epoxy; Wild Flower seeds on pedestal below.

Posted on: January 21, 2016
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This sculpture is meant to engage the audience by first calling their attention to, then giving them a tangible way to help the cause of honeybees. The wild flower seeds on the pedestal below were taken by passers by, and presumably planted to create a source of nutrients for honeybees.

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Amanda Williams

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BFA Alumni

Major: Ceramics

Graduation Year: 2018

Artist Statement:

Using traditional ceramic techniques, my process allows me to understand life in a new way. For me, making art is a way of thinking in three-dimensions and making discoveries. Being an artist also means being a creative thinker, and through my work I would like to share and encourage creative discovery in others, whether they are artists or not. Navigating life as a woman can be a challenging experience and a life-long struggle. My imagery is meant to encourage others, but especially creative women, to live fearlessly, and believe in the power of making. Clay is a tactile material which endures so much heat and stress, and transforms itself constantly from the beginning of a project to the end, and it is through these challenges and the guiding hand of the artist that it becomes something beautiful. I hope that clay can be a metaphor for finding confidence and empowerment in my life, and that others can connect and tap into that source of inspiration as well.