Cloudberry Safety Suit

Cloudberry Sleep Sack, manually machine knit, children’s clothing 3-6 months, October 2016, The Cloudberry Sleep Sack, meant to embrace and comfort an infant 3-6 months old, as they begin to intentionally vocalize for attention.

Posted on: February 23, 2018
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A continuation of the knitwear series, Sisu; Part II :

A body of work made for a dear friend's baby titled, Sisu; Part II. Using a manual knitting machine, the colors and visual components are all based on berries found in Finnish culture and throughout Finnish folklore as a guide for loved ones. I was prompted to create this work and exhibit it through a grant I received from the Maine Craft Association and Maine Arts Commission. Through their Craft Apprenticeship Program, focused on promoting craft and peer-to-peer learning experiences to sustain a studio practice. During my apprenticeship, I concentrated on furthering my knowledge of manual machine knitting and improving my teaching skills. The garments are organized in the chronological order of a child's development, beginning with the child's arrival and their need to be swaddled. Each image includes a description of its inspiration and intention, and reflects my belief that the clothing we choose to adorn our bodies with are the most accessible form of expression, and very telling of how we feel we can best face the day. Clothes are a form of visual communication, when dressing myself and designing items to be worn I choose pieces that embody strength and encouragement through bold color and texture.

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