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Posted on: April 25, 2018
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Time and repetition are what drives my studio practice and leads me to explore the differences between analog and digital art. I want my studio practice to reflect the process it took to connect with my family in Brazil. I remember countless hours spent in immigration offices, embassies, and flying from country to country. I learned, if you truly love someone or something you should be willing to put the time and energy into them. This lesson has guided my studio practice. To begin my thesis body of work, Yours and Mine, Seu E Meu I first found an episode of Turma Da Monica that I wanted to reproduce. I chose the episode O Monstro Da Lagoa from the movie As Novas Aventuras da Turma Da Mônica (Figure 5). I wanted to replicate this episode because of my personal history with it. As a child, when I wanted to obtain the VHS tape that contained this episode, I had to follow a set of steps. With the help of my mother I would write to my family in Brazil and ask for the original movie or for it to be recorded on a tape for me. This tape would then be mailed, go through customs, pass several borders, and finally be delivered to me. Once I received the movie, my sister and I would watch it repeatedly until we wore it out and we would then repeat the steps to receive a new one. This painstaking process greatly highlighted the preciousness of the object.

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Daniela Flint

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BFA Alumni

Major: Painting

Graduation Year: 2018

Artist Statement:

Daniela Flint's studio practice revolves around creating pieces that address our perceptions of value. The work she creates challenges the viewer to compare emotional value to fiscal, decorative and utilitarian. As a Latinx artist my work also references cultural duality. It took an immense amount of effort as a child to be connected to multiple cultures, which in turn led to personally applying emotional value to ordinary objects and themes from American and Brazilian culture in order to express my feelings towards authorship and cultural dualism.