Matilda Makes Things Move

Matilda’s Walk to the Library

Stuck In The Books

The Newt & The Trunchbull

A Visit To Miss Honey’s Cottage

See You Never, Trunchbull!

An Old Home, A New Home

Posted on: April 27, 2018
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The story of Matilda, a bright, young, and misunderstood child has consistently influenced me throughout my life. Although Matilda's family did not care to acknowledge her great abilities, she found courage and unconditional love from her teacher, Miss Honey. Principal Trunchbull, the main antagonist in the story is unable to break the bond between Matilda and her beloved teacher. Through my thesis, I illustrate the wonders of Matilda's journey of feeling utterly alone to finding someone who would fully appreciate her magic. My interpretation of Matilda's story is equally an exploration of my emotional connection to her.

My work is largely impacted by my childhood memories and experiences. Through vibrant color, pattern, and detail I reflect upon the stories that my mother, a former school librarian brought to life for me as a child. These stories have left a lasting impact on my creative mind and comforted me during times of struggle in my childhood. I have connected most to stories that don't solely focus on the positive aspects of life. I am intrigued by tales that deal with feelings of being alone, facing struggles, and having the strength to move forward.

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