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Posted on: May 2, 2018
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The clothes that are covering your body right now, the ones that are likely unethically made, toxically processed, and chemically dyed, are soaking into your system through your skin, your largest organ. Our bodies are also constantly exposed to toxins in our food, the drugs we ingest, and simply the air we breathe. This unfortunate truth is our reality because of the fast paced, dollar oriented, and corporate world we currently live in. Fashion, food, and pharmaceutical industries are all top pollution contributors, as well as some of the top illness generators through their methods of exposing consumers, and the earth, to toxic chemicals. In my slow fashion practice, I strive to reverse these commonly accepted injustices. The garments I create are made with decomposable hand knit and woven, natural and organic fibers, dyed with medicinal plants to protect and heal the body. Air purifying plants accompany the pieces in the form of necklaces and inserted into pockets to generate a cleaner atmosphere for the wearer.

Allysun West

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BFA Student

Major: Textile & Fashion Design

Graduation Year: 2018

Artist Statement:

As an eleven year old I was diagnosed with a curious disease and was given standard drugs to make me feel better. I later realized that the Western medicine I was using merely suppressed my symptoms instead of fixing the actual problem. After this realization, I started using herbal medicine which works naturally with my bodies own system to help heal itself. My work then harnesses the positive healing energies emanating from natural fibers, such as wool and linen, in combination with medicinal natural dyes.Throughout history, plants such as Calendula, Madder, Alkanet, and Indigo have been known to produce colors of yellow, red, purple and blue. Although different in nature, these plants share something essential to my practice; they all possess medicinal properties. The medicinal qualities are emitted through the active chemical compounds in the plant and then soaked into the fabric to radiate both the dye and fiber healing qualities onto the wearer. These medicinal energies are presented in the form of garments to promote a direct pathway for healing by being absorbed through the skin. Thus the healing garments act as an armor, a second skin, and create a sanctuary for the person wearing them.