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Posted on: May 5, 2018
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As I drive home every night at 11:00 PM, after another day spent churning through the same weekly routine, I search to recall moments of vivid memory that add definition to my thousands of blurred, fleeting experiences. When the memories don't arrive immediately, when it's only sparks of conversation, bits of laughter, or the brief sensation of catching the sunlight as it warms my hand against the desk, I question how accurately my second-to-second experiences are represented in the memories that I am left with; the only evidence I have to relive my passing life by.

Inspired by Daniel Kahneman's research, I've conducted three separate studies to examine the ways in which I am experiencing and remembering aspects of my life. By accompanying visualized data with illustrations, I not only juxtapose the nature of factually and emotionally driven content, but also explore multiple outlets to engage viewers with my findings and reflections. By comparing and contrasting quantifiable data to my own daily memories and similar studies conducted by experts in the field, I've been able to reflect on ways of bringing my two selves closer together to find what truly brings value and happiness to my overall life.

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