myyourour: stories through design 2018 Thesis Exhibition

I respect. Styrene plastic, Illustrator digital. 36

Kirk Simpson stands with his MECA thesis exhibition front window display. 20'w x 9'd. Styrene plastic, styrofoam insulation, craft paper, latex paint. 2018.

myyourour lockup. InDesign Digital. 2018.

Posted on: May 7, 2018
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myyourour: stories through design was Kirk's 2018 thesis exhibition. Inspired by his first thesis installation in March 2018, I Share MyYour Story. This is Me, Kirk collected the stories and anecdotes he himself wrote along with many of the stories the student body and visitors to MECA wrote as well. He combined them in Illustrator along with four of his hand-cut sketched figures, adding the words that resonated most with him about what is most important in today's diverse world, respect. Honored with having the front window of MECA as the location of his installation, Kirk used styrofoam insulation CNC router cut letterforms along with painted craft paper to invite people in to again write on the walls. Not only did Kirk use this as an analog direction for his audience, but he added a digital story gathering space as well:

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Kirk Simpson

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BFA Student

Major: Graphic Design

Graduation Year: 2018

Artist Statement:

I am a graphic designer, a storyteller, shaping ideas with words, type, imagery, and color, forming a conduit between the events I create and my audience, eliciting emotional bonds that communicate and inspire. I’m also an actor. I have a theatrical voice. I am gestural, emotive, and larger than life. When I walk on stage my presence is felt. My facial expressions can be read across the room. My voice is clear and booming. These are the qualities of my design aesthetic. Through clarity, imagery, color, and form, my design reaches out to my audience. My design is the actor in lights, on stage, and in motion, ready for the audience to find meaning in, a story understood, and a voice heard.
Graphic design communicates an event to the viewer. It brings a voice to those who may not have one. We live in a world where diversity is celebrated and our inner and outer freaks can be embraced. Through this thesis myyourour: stories through design, my intent is to use graphic design to share my, your, and our story, stepping on–stage, letting the lights illuminate the narrative needing to be heard.