Posted on: May 10, 2018
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Archetypes, Thesis Exhibition 2018

A brand is a unique system of interrelated elements which are projecting a unique personality of a particular business entity. Aligning a brand with a specific Archetype transforms a unique personality into a cohesive identity which separates a business from its competitors. An Archetype is a universally familiar character that helps create an enduring consistent expression of a brand. It brings humanness to the essence of a brand and provokes an instant emotional reaction to it.

In my thesis, I experiment with visual representations of 12 Archetypes: Innocent, Explorer, Sage, Caregiver, Creator, Ruler, Hero, Outlaw, Magician, Lover, Jester, and Regular Guy/Gal. I seek to reflect the personality of each Archetype using only color, form, and typography.

Inna Sokolovich

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BFA Student

Major: Graphic Design

Graduation Year: 2018