2018 Thesis Show

Posted on: May 11, 2018
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Unfortunately for everyone involved, memes (pronounced like, ‚??team‚?Ě) have quickly become an important cultural artifact since the dawning of web 2.0. Memes are a readily and easily alterable vehicle of communication which can disseminate information very quickly too many different groups of people and audiences. The information spread can span anything from pop culture to politics, science or religion, art, and also just asinine jokes. This body of work is an attempt to reconcile and contextualize a personally inordinate and unreasonable time spent online. It is an attempt at finding deeper meaning in something mundane, as well as calling into question people's perceptions and assumptions. By relocating these memes from the digital to the physical I am creating an opportunity to interact with these objects in a more considered and salient way. In the words of Jeb Bush during the 2016 presidential campaign‚?¶ ‚??Please clap.‚?Ě

Brendan Glass

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BFA Alumni

Major: Ceramics

Graduation Year: 2018