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Posted on: February 1, 2016
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Studio 24b is a design and fabrication studio in Portland, Maine where Matt Hutton creates custom woodworking, art & furniture. Some items are reproduced but most are custom orders that are specific to individual spaces. To purchase, commission or inquire about works: (207) 749 - 4731 or

Matt Hutton

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Artist Statement:

My work explores process, utility and form and often draws from the transformation of the Midwest landscape, particularly that of farmlands that have deteriorated due to inactivity and redevelopment. These works are also inspired by the idea of nostalgia, independency/dependency, fossils, barns and grain silos, water towers, roadway billboards and other architectural elements that have interest in mass, volume and gravity that riddle this landscape. While often dilapidated and degenerate, these architectural landmarks continue to endure amongst the contemporary sprawl and it is from these that I pull information of time, history, layers and information of structure and construction to create functional objects.