Distortion Monocle

Posted on: December 12, 2018
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Are you looking for a new perspective? Are divisive political articles getting you down? Or do you just need a break from the doldrums of every day living? Then try a Distortion Monocle today! The Distortion Monocle is a fashionable accessory perfect for shifting the way you see things! This innovative device will adjust the focused landscape into something new and exciting to consider. Simply place the monocle up to your eye, and voila! The effectiveness has been scientifically proven - the textured surface of the looking glass allows for a multifaceted refraction effect, giving you a totally different and unique perspective. The Distortion Monocle is just what you've been missing from your point of view. Sterling silver, found plastic, moonstone; for the Metals Collective 2018 exhibit: Refraction.

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Emily Percival

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BFA Alumni

Major: Metalsmithing & Jewelry

Graduation Year: 2006

Artist Statement:

"I craft jewelry that helps the wearer summon their inner fortitude, harness their intuition, and enhance their powerful voice. My jewelry is part armor and part heirloom. Combining metal and mineral in my home studio, I imbue each piece with mettle and magic, making every piece of jewelry a unique and special talisman."