Materia prima installation

"Materia prima with Knotweed Casts" (left) and "Materia prima with Walnut Landscape" (right)

"Stage One: Nigredo"

"Materia prima: the Three Stages"

Posted on: December 12, 2018
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wax, charcoal, oil, bedsheets, gesso, acrylic, iron oxide, gloss varnish, rice, walnut ink, and shell on birch board, 26 November 2018

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Jessica Parker Foley

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MFA Student

Major: Painting

Graduation Year: 2020

Artist Statement:

Jessica Parker Foley’s abstract landscape paintings are reperformances of intertidal ecosystem behaviors. Her largest works are in oil on panels, but she also uses gouache, watercolor, wax, and resin. By using the techniques of action painting alongside direct observation of the natural world, she creates work that mimics the world around her. Foley’s paintings function with the same behaviors and inclinations of living systems: they do not mirror phenomenal nature, they are phenomenal nature.