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Guggenheim Bilbao, Digital Illustration, 2019, 28"x42"

ICA Boston, Digital Illustration, 2019, 28"x42"

TATE Modern London, Digital Illustration, 2019, 28"x42"

Detail of Guggenheim Bilbao, Digital Illustration, 2019

Detail of ICA Boston, Digital Illustration, 2019

Detail of TATE Modern London, Digital Illustration, 2019

Posted on: April 23, 2019
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Although museums aren?t traditionally viewed as venues for younger audiences, these contemporary institutions are viable options for education and exploration. The posters I've created are a vivid departure from the typical images used to advertise contemporary art museums. Visually loud, these pieces highlight architectural elements and works of art that are unique to each museum: the ICA in Boston, the TATE Modern in London and the Guggenheim Bilbao in Spain. These posters also serve as an extension of my interest in museums and children?s illustration. The bright colors and playful marks suggest that these buildings are truly places of inspiration. I chose to display this work in a manner that is immediate and direct, as the essence of each location can be gained at a glance. By highlighting these museums, I aim to extend the reach of contemporary art, as well as expand the minds of existing and future museum audiences. Despite the playful overtones of this work, beneath the surface, there is an urgency to inspire and expose younger minds to the worlds of exhibitions and contemporary art.

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