Are You Some Sort of Hypnotist?, 2019

Hallway Photograph, 2019

Rotating Goblin, 2019

Dripping From The Inside of My Palm, 2018

Untitled, 2019

Untitled, 2019

The Bud That Flew, 2019

Posted on: April 30, 2019
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Floating/Shining is an exploration of emotional environments sprouting from the wooded areas I grew up in. Through the camera's unique relationship to often man-made material, I construct photographs that comment on ideas of the metaphysical and supernatural as they relate to the human condition. For this reason, I choose subject matter for the way it photographs, leaving behind any cultural significance. Inside the compositions, mirrors work to disrupt the process of viewing a photograph, so the audience no longer sees an event taking place, but is aware of the subject's physicality. Floating/Shining manifests into bright, analog silver prints that embrace materiality, and are printed in a way that prioritizes the subjects emotional charge. I oscillate between the built environment of my own apartment, and the natural landscapes of wildlife conservation areas to create a dialogue between material, the medium of photography, and the metaphysical.

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Graduation Year: 2019