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Posted on: May 1, 2019
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I?ve always had a knack for collecting, especially cards. From every birthday, holiday, and celebration, I?ve saved the sentiments from my loved ones. What most of these cards lacked in luster was made up for in their hand-written messages. These messages stayed with me for years to come and served as an inspiration. For my thesis, I combined my love for hand-lettering and drawing with my affinity for design to create my own collection of greeting cards. My goal was to approach each card in a unique way while focusing on style and color palette to create a cohesive group. Through imagery and type, I explored various tones ranging from sweet to sassy. As a female illustrator, I did not aim to gear all of my cards to an exclusively female audience but still focus on embracing and empowering females through my work. These fun and quirky cards can still appeal to a broad audience but allow for interpersonal relationships and conversations outside of their physical dimensions.

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Sam Myrdek

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BFA Student

Major: Illustration

Graduation Year: 2019