The Museum: Oops, Sorry!! We Accidentally Exploited You!

Posted on: May 1, 2019
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The Museum: Oops, Sorry!! We Accidentally Exploited You!

The Museum acquired more than 80 objects in the past months, and they all have been blessed by our almighty Museum Director and became holy objects. These objects are safely stored in our storage and they can be accessed through our website. All these objects are reproduced onto souvenirs in our amazing gift shop, everyone is welcome to embody these holy objects with their bodies and their home! What are you waiting for? Text us or call us or email us now to buy them! Exploit the holy objects with us now!
Your spirit and my voice in one combined.
My spirit and your voice in one combined.

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BFA Student

Major: Painting

Graduation Year: 2019

Artist Statement:

To infinity and beyond -- not Buzz Aldrin.

OLIVER (b.1995 Hong Kong), is a conceptual artist living and working in Portland, Maine, United States.
Focusing on pessimism, the critique of institutions, apocryphal narration and archives, their art practice includes installation, video, durational and participatory performance, painting, and drawing. Oliver is a queer and trans person of colour growing up in the aftertaste of colonisation in Hong Kong. This identity contributes a lot to the basics of their work -- they critique on the futileness of the search for sense of belonging, constructed systems and institutions, and ultimately making projects as an assignation of being to themselves in this purposeless life. They often recontextualise imagery and text, and mimic the structures of hierarchies within institutions, trying subvert systems by being and reintroducing those power structures in a different context. Interested in flying saucers and spirituality, they also study and write about Ufology and Moon conspiracy theories.

OH hey, also, I am building a time machine, please contact me if you know how. One seat only, don’t come asking for a ride.