Take Action, Do Better

Posted on: May 22, 2019
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Take Action, Do Better acts as a mirror to the institution. This curated show of disabled artists is located in a space made to accommodate as many different needs as possible within the limitations that the space itself presents. The show features work from Shannon Finnegan, Art Quiñones, and Aeron Metzger. Accessibility tools are a vital part of Take Action, Do Better?s framework. Large format packets, braille plaques, and visual descriptions of the work represented are just some of the readily available resources that allow folks who often are unable to engage with spaces, like art galleries, the freedom of access that is lacking in day to day life. Accompanying the exhibition are takeaways in the form of ?this space is inaccessible? stickers and a selection of informational zines. Take Action, Do Better is a direct call to action focused on the inaccessibility of MECA and the larger Institution of Art. My aim is for people to do just as the exhibition name demands: to take action and do better.

Aeron Metzger

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BFA Student

Major: Printmaking

Graduation Year: 2019