Posted on: February 5, 2016
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Phytomite is an Android based 2D platformer game with 20 levels of play. It was developed with a unique set of gravitational systems triggered by proximity and/or collisions with a range of objects and surfaces. Movement is accelerometer and tap based. Phytomite is available for download from the Google Play Store. Phytomites promotional blurb in the Play Store sums it all up (sort of): "Help Phyto bob on bubbles and slide on slime to reach the rays! Watch out for zooplankton and other mixotropic mayhem as you phlow with Phyto through increasingly complex puzzling platformers. This game is full of tilt and tap fun and surprises."

George LaRou

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Artist Statement:

“I'm still working on it. Really. Every class and every student presents a new challenge and unique opportunity. I try to get everyone interested in the potentials of what they're engaged in during a project, whether it be color, form, motion, what it means or how it affects people. In intro‐level work, I seek to present technologies, processes, and workflows in easy steps so that learning is about conceiving and making rather than struggling with hardware and software. In upper level courses I require students to design their own projects so that learning becomes a self‐sustaining resource.”