Untitled, 2019, acrylic paint, 107.75 inches x 100 inches

Untitled, 2018, oil paint and paint media , 9 inch diamiter

Untitled, 2019, oil paint and paint media, 46 inches x 48 inches

Untitled, 2019, mixed media (watercolor, ink, graphite, and water-soluble graphite), 22 inches x 30 inches

Untitled, 2019, screen print, 6 inches x 12 inches

Posted on: May 6, 2020
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While I have been inspired by many different art movements during my early life, my work is more specifically connected to the art movements from the end of the nineteenth century into the twentieth century. The Post-Impressionism and Abstract Expressionism movements have most influenced my work. Post-Impressionism has influenced my color usage, application of paint, subject matter choices, the depiction of forms, and expressive effects. Abstract Expressionism currently has the strongest influence on my work, in scale, influences, and making. The overlapping characteristics of Post-Impressionism, and Abstract Expressionism, have clear connections with the color, subject matter, influences, making, and process, in my art.

William V Grace

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BFA Student

Major: Painting

Graduation Year: 2020