We Are All Mirrors

Still life with bread and pomegranates, digital photograph, 2019

Untitled still life, digital photograph; cyanotype and gold glitter on stale bread, 2019

Oliver at the Table, digital photograph, 2020

Still life with metal and plastic, digital photograph, 2020

Max in the Garden, digital photograph, 2019

M and Chai in the Garden, digital photograph, 2019

Lachesis, digital photograph, 2020

Untitled self-portrait, digital photograph, 2019

Still life with citrus and mangoes, digital photograph, 2020

Untitled still life, digital photograph, 2020

Posted on: May 6, 2020
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My work is an exploration into the universal qualities of being human, especially the intricacies and complications of interpersonal relationships. When the only certainty of existence is its inevitable end, it often becomes difficult to keep track of what is important. I make photographs to make sense of the chaos of the world, and to fix in a quasi-permanent state the beauty of those I love the most. I think of my found family as those in my community who have most influenced my growth and allowed me to distill myself into a more accurate representation of the conscience within.

Pairing rotting still life arrangements with intimate and sometimes candid portraits, I aim to articulate and complicate the relationships between love, transience, the endless search for meaning. Much of my personal philosophy is governed by the concept of mimesis, which states that we are made up of bits and pieces of all the people we've ever met. In short and colloquially speaking, I am really into the idea that we are all mirrors—my hope is to experience the good and the bad of the world as thoroughly as I can, and reflect it back unto itself.

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